About Jempros Web Company

What does Jempros mean?
Jempros was named after the founder, Jeff E. Mealey who took his initials and added PROS as in profession or professionals. Originally both the logo and name were determined while attending graphic arts school for a project.

What lead you to designing websites?
Back in the late 1990's I wanted to publish some of my artwork and animation online, but didn't know how. At the time there weren't many "social" sites or pages that allowed users to upload content without knowing how to code. I spend a couple days contacting web designers to see if they could help and seeing this was a hobby I didn't want to spend too much money. I was blown away by the prices the designers I talked to wanted to charge me. Even when I explained I just wanted a way to upload my work for fun they still wanted LOTS OF $$$. I figured I would learn to do it myself, took classes to get the basics and before I knew it had a number of people asking me to help them out online. At the start I did it for free or very little money. I understood where they were coming from.

So how long have you been designing websites for?
I built my first website back in 1999. For almost two years I listened and learned a lot of things. I was surprised at how much it changed in the two years prior to starting my own design business in 2001.
Today it seems to change on almost a monthly basis, but that's the great thing about the web.


How much does a website cost?
The cost of a website differs depending on many things. Do you want your website responsive? Do you have an existing website and want us to build a mobile version to go along with it? Do you need programming, databases? There's an extensive list of things that do matter and need to be aware of before simply telling someone an exact price.
Usually we'll speak with the would be client and give them a ballpark number and explain why. Then after another consult or two we'll narrow things down on their needs and come up with our quote. Typically a basic, responsive website can start between $1,500 - $3,500.

How does the payment process work?
We usually require half up front as a deposit before starting the project. Depending on various factors we might ask for another % of the cost prior to completion, but require the payment in full before uploading your site to the web.

How long does it take to create a website?
Depending on the size, if there's programming, how many revisions & tweeks we're asked to do, it can take as little as a month to complete or a couple months. We would go over all those specifics prior to starting your project.

We work to complete the timeline you request.

Domain names and hosting? What are they?
A domain name is your name after the www. For example if you choose the domain name - "mysite" you also need to decide if you want a .com, .net or whatever other extension out there. Please keep in mind we can help you find a domain name and make sure it's not already in use, but you would be surprised at how many names are taken. Sometimes clients want a .com extension, but it's taken so instead they use something like .net.
Hosting is where your files are uploaded to. Your images, text and webpages. Your domain name simply points to your hosting account. We do not sell domains or hosting space, but can refer you to a company that does and assist with registration.

Do we need to live or work nearbye for you to work on our website?
No. A large percentage of our clients we have never met face to face. Usually it's either by phone or email. Even still from the start of the project you'll feel as if you know us! We are very personable people and like to call our clients/customers by name not just by the job number.

Do you have to do anything else after you upload my site to the web?
Unlike some web companies Jempros doesn't require you to pay anything after you've paid for your website. There's no monthly or yearly fees. The only time we'll charge you again is if we actually do something after your site is launched. We do charge for updates. Usually we'll charge by an hourly or based fee. We are always willing to work with our customers to make sure they are happy with the money they spend and in some cases if it's a word or two change we don't request money.

How do I get a hold of you and when?
You can contact us by phone any time monday through saturdays from 9am til 5pm. If at any time you get our voice mail please leave a message. We call everyone interested in our services back. If you can't seem to wait to ask us a question and it's past our business hours, simply email us. We usually check our mail a couple times a day and get right back to those requesting service.

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or questions please contact us.


We'll promote and help grow your business online.


We blend technique and technology into all our services we provide for our clients. While the world is ever changing, we still believe in something that never changes - the customer comes first!

We have an excellent track record, are honest, know what we are doing ... and love what we do!
As with every client, we go above and beyond for them from start to finish of every project.

Let us help you look good!


Our office hours are:
Monday - Saturday 9 am to 5 pm
You can reach us through email 24/7!

Our software applications are designed to run on any device (desktop, tablet or smart phone) and on any O.S. (operating system) or web browser.
We'll install, create and help you launch what your company needs.


Digital art, logos & branding, animation, multimedia, digital manipulation & touch-ups, signs and products ... the whole nine yards.
We create, fix and assist with most any project big or small.


We have been in business designing websites since 2001. Our professional staff have the touch and technology to create a stunning website design for your business. We'll develope your website from the ground up, can take on existing websites, will maintain, consult and promote. Jempros is an all in one Web Design & Development Company.


Supporting multiple users working in a collaborative environment, we customize their CMS for internet websites and intranet portals. Our services allow our client's staff to add, modify and remove content from their Content Management System. Our content management systems feature whatever you or your business will need to help keep your company running inside and out.


Every website deserves a chance to be seen. visibility on the search engines are a key to most businesses success.
Our techniques pin-point ways to help your website get listed on all the major search engines including Google, Bing & Yahoo. We are realistic in our approach to gaining you expose online in a variety of ways. From your website, to your blog, to your social media to you email marketing.
It's our job to get you to stand out on the world wide web and we're great at what we do!
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